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Some Useful Information On The Environmental
Benefits Of Real Trees
10 Years
On average a “fake” plastic Christmas Tree must be used for a minimum of 10 years before it’s carbon footprint is lower than that of buying a real fir tree. This is because of the energy intensive manufacturing process that goes into artificial trees.
We will plant 2 more
For every tree that we sell, we plant 2 more in its place! This means more living trees in our plantation, which means less carbon in the atmosphere. Literally, every time you buy from Jingltrees ours (and your) carbon footprint gets a little greener!

Follow that tree!
£13.9 million of landfill
Disposing of your real tree in landfill not only produces an unnecessarily large amount of methane, which is damaging greenhouse gas, but economically it’s estimated that Christmas trees are responsible for £13.9 million of landfill costs every year.
Buying one of our real Nordmann fir trees will help you reduce your carbon footprint.
Help the Cause!
Choosing a real tree helps go towards growth in sustainable local forestry
The Green approach
to Christmas!
Carbon Footprint
As with other living plant matter, a real fir tree will absorbs C02 and release oxygen, which means keeping a tree alive at Christmas allows it to continue to photosynthesise and release oxygen, whilst removing C02 from the atmosphere.