De-Jingling Your JinglTree – Packing Up Your Tree For Collection

It’s a sombre day indeed when the festive season officially comes to an end. All those sparkling decorations will need putting away for another year! But what of your tree? Thankfully the good folk at My JinglTree have thought way ahead and provided you with these handy tips to make taking your tree down as stress-free as possible.

Removing decorations and the tree lights

Working effectively in reverse of the process you used to put your tree up and decorate it, remove all the decorations from the tree and pack them away. Wrapping them carefully in tissue paper or bubble wrap is a handy way to help avoid damage to baubles and other ornaments, meaning they’ll be good to use on next years Chrismas tree.

When it comes to removing the lights, start from the endpoint when you were decoring the tree, remove the lights taking care not to disturb the branches of the tree too much (avoiding creating a mess of pine needles on the floor). Ideally, work from top to bottom wrapping the lights around your arm from hand elbow. This creates a handy loop meaning your lights will be easier to pack away afterwards and avoid any snags and tangled wires. Once the lights are off all that’s left to do is take the tree itself down!

Taking down and bagging up your tree

All of our trees are provided with a handy disposal bag which you can fit around the tree stand and underneath the tree skirt. Once your tree is free from decorations you can simply pull the disposal bag up, tying it off at the top. This will not only scoop up any fallen needles but if any more should fall out whilst taking your tree down, they will be trapped inside the bag, rather than causing a piney sappy mess throughout your house.

Once bagged up you’re ready to remove it from the stand (taking extra care if there is any water remaining in the reservoir) and carry it outside ready for collection from My Jingltree!

Cleaning up any remaining needles

No matter how careful you are a few needles may escape the net, as it were. When cleaning these up we recommend using an old fashioned dustpan and brush if possible. Failing that then using the hose attachment on your vacuum cleaner is another option. Avoid using the main brush head on your vacuum as pine needles can be sappy and end up clogging up the roller brush mechanism.

Disposing of your tree

Before you go rushing to your local tip to dispose of your tree in landfill (a BIG no, no!) remember that we will collect your tree for FREE OF CHARGE and recycle it into one of our many green projects!

For more information on how our recycling schemes help save on the monetary and environmental costs of the unnecessary landfill of Christmas trees, visit our Treecycle page.