Decking The Halls – The Easy Way To Put Up Your JinglTree

Okay, so your tree has arrived on your doorstep neatly netted and ready to become the centrepiece of your Christmas decor. Take a moment to check that you have everything and if you have ordered a stand then, make sure that you put it to one side as you’ll need it later.

To save a bit of time and to prevent a lengthy cleanup, remove the tree netting outside and give it a shake to remove any loose needles. Then head indoors to find a suitable space to place your tree, preferably before you bring the tree inside.

Ensure that where you plan to put your tree has enough to accommodate both the height of the tree and its width. Be sure to mind for potential sources of ignition such as fireplaces and electrical outlets, putting a tree next to an open fireplace will dry it out not to mention it becoming a potential fire hazard.

Once you have considered placement and found a suitable spot to put up your tree, be sure to cover the area that the tree will be in. You can use a decorative Christmas themed piece of fabric or a Christmas tree bag as this will not only help with any stray needles but will also help protect the floor in case of any water escaping when watering your tree.

With the groundwork laid out, its time to put your tree up proper, firstly you’ll need to prepare the base of your tree to ensure maximum water uptake. You can cut about half an inch to an inch off of the base of the tree ensure the cut is as straight as possible i.e. not cut at an angle or in a v shape. Also, drilling a hole in the base is not advisable as this won’t aid as much with water absorption as a straight cut and it might also interfere with mounting the tree on the base.

Avoid cutting the base of the tree with anything that generates heat as this could cause the sap in the tree to heat up and seal the end of the tree, making water absorption impossible. Once you’ve done cutting the base, ensure that you mount your tree within 8 hours (this is the longest amount of time that a fresh tree can go before water absorption becomes problematic).

To mount your tree use the stand you purchase with your tree, If you didn’t purchase a stand then you can go for the bucket and small rocks approach. We recommend the Cinco Advantage 8 Christmas tree stand (available for purchase at the checkout) as it securely screws into your tree as well as providing enough room for 4.75 litres of water within the reservoir.
On average the tree should be provided with 950ml of water for every inch of trunk diameter. Ensure the tree is straight, stable and positioned correctly before you begin decorating.